Do you know About W-A-T-C-H ?

WATCH Carefully…

  • W – Words
  • A – Actions
  • T – Time
  • C – Character
  • H – Habits

Of what use is a beautiful wrist watch,One sudden with gems,which does not show the correct time? Of what use is a human being who has intelligence, good looks, skill and strength but no character ?Such a person is like Ravana(Arch-enemy of Lord Rama in the Hindu epic,Ramayana).

At the end of the Mahabharata, the five pandavas begin their ascent to heaven, climbing treacherous mountain.

One by one they begin to fall and perish:

  • Sahadeva , the most intelligent
  • Nakula , the most handsome
  • Arjuna , the most skillful and
  • Bhima , the strongest.

Only Yudhisthira, the good and dharmic person,remains.The story has a deep,symbolic meaning. One’s intelligence , beauty , skill and strength will disappear towords the end of one’s life, where as one’s character and goodness will remain and lift one to divinity to enernity.


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