Introduction to TheSleuthkit(TSK)

The Sleuth Kit®  is a collection of command line tools and a C library that allows you to analyse disk images and recover files from them.

It is used behind the scenes in Autopsy and many other open sources and commercial forensics tools.

A small journey of  how to use Sleuth kit tool with a small case study.The explanation makes  Anyone can try your own case study with this document.


Quesion:How to choose Career in in Cyber Security Systems and Networks ?Particularly in Security field?


Practically the best answer I had received from Mr.Joseph West ,

Well, that’s not something I can choose for you. It comes down to what are you looking to gain and where do you want in the future.

I would consider this. A lot of people choose a short simple path, which is fine. However they don’t look at the big picture and into the future. This at times can land people in a dead end job that never gets them anywhere.

So tell me, where do you want be in 10 or 15 years. Also where are true interests at in IT? I know you are into networking from speaking with you in the past and you must like security or don’t think you’d be on this site. So if you can tell me a little more about you, again such as things like where you be later in life and where your true interests are in IT. I’d more than happy to help you figure out your next step.

I somewhat agree we can’t stick to only Cyber Security. Cyber Security can be a limited field if you don’t work for a major company or government. It does however pay very well if you get in with a major company. But not so much government. They don’t seem to pay to very well but they do look very good on your resume. So that is one thing you could consider, most all company like to see a few years of government work on your resume. Short of government work, some long term bases IT jobs that you might want to consider or look up are:

Computer Systems Analyst:
Which is where you plan and develop computer systems for businesses and scientific institutions.

Computer Programmer:
A computer programmer with the right company can make pretty good money and is a long term job and a good starting point. No matter what field you end up in, there is usually programming involved somewhere.

Software Engineer:
Someone who researches, designs, develops and maintains software systems along with hardware development for medical, scientific, and industrial purposes.

Web Developer:
Though this field will be around for awhile, it’s not something I’m big and isn’t the best paying nor does it look the best on a resume. It is however good to show you can do it. So I wouldn’t completely forget about. If you could show a year or two on the job even if it’s a part time side job doesn’t look to bad.

Network engineer:
From what I remember about your degree, I think I might start here. It’s a great jumping point for several different career paths.

Since I’m not you and it seems neither of us are 100% sure what you want to do right now. I would consider all of these. If you want to prove your worth in an IT field, you not only need to know all of these but you also need to be able to prove you know them and show on the job experience in them all. If you’re still in school, I would consider the web design/programming. It’s not a glamorous field by any means, however just about any IT field you choose from Cyber Security to Network Engineering there is usually Web stuff somewhere. So again, if you’re still in school taking classes I would seriously consider it. At least then it’s on your resume and out of the way. You only need to do it for a year or two so you have some experience then move on. If you’re not in school or you have time for two jobs now. Then I might consider it and maybe Computer Programming / Software Engineer. Programming and Web Design are both really easy to do. Now the pay can go either way depending on where you work. But consider this, if you ultimately want to do Cyber Security then both of these things are things you need to know and be able to do. Plus both a lot of time can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you do these or want to skip these is your choice of course. The next thing I would consider is Network Engineering. It can be a great and good jumping point to go where ever you want.

I guess what I’m really getting at is, if you want to be effective in an IT field then don’t limit yourself. There are 1,000’s of people who can do one or two things. There are very very few who do them all. So if you’re looking for long term career options, then I would start small like I mentioned above and work my way up. If you spent just a few years on each topic above then in 8 to 12 years max you could’ve have covered a lot and have a pretty awesome resume. I will tell you from experience, cyber security can be a hard field to get into. It is one of the more elite IT fields. If that’s what you want to do, then the more IT related degrees and on the job experience you have in different IT field may seriously help you. In Cyber Security, you need to know web design and programming for obvious reasons. Also there are times when you’ll need to be able to write your own code to exploit something or you may simply need to know how a program works to exploit it. Either way, you need to know programming for it. Also you need to know and understand how a network works, so Network Engineering would be great.

I know this seems like a lot and it may seem like these career paths are all over the place. However they aren’t, they are all related to one way or another. Again, I can be more help if I knew more what you wanted in your career. From what I do know, I would seriously consider these.


Do you know About W-A-T-C-H ?

WATCH Carefully…

  • W – Words
  • A – Actions
  • T – Time
  • C – Character
  • H – Habits

Of what use is a beautiful wrist watch,One sudden with gems,which does not show the correct time? Of what use is a human being who has intelligence, good looks, skill and strength but no character ?Such a person is like Ravana(Arch-enemy of Lord Rama in the Hindu epic,Ramayana).

At the end of the Mahabharata, the five pandavas begin their ascent to heaven, climbing treacherous mountain.

One by one they begin to fall and perish:

  • Sahadeva , the most intelligent
  • Nakula , the most handsome
  • Arjuna , the most skillful and
  • Bhima , the strongest.

Only Yudhisthira, the good and dharmic person,remains.The story has a deep,symbolic meaning. One’s intelligence , beauty , skill and strength will disappear towords the end of one’s life, where as one’s character and goodness will remain and lift one to divinity to enernity.